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Health benefits of African Star Apple (Agbalumo)

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Do you know why Agbalumo is called African star apple?
Agbalumo is called African star apple because of its star shape when you cut it open.

African star apple, Chrysophyllum albidum is a tropical fruit that has chewable skin and is loaded with nutrients. It is a seasonal fruit abundant around December to March and is grown in some countries in West Africa (Togo, Ghana, and Benin republic but  mostly popular in Nigeria)

Native names for African star apple
Yoruba – Agbalumo
Igbo-  Udara
Hausa – Agbaluma
Edo- Otien
Efik- Udari

Interesting facts of Agbalumo
• The whole plant parts of the African star apple is useful; The roots, barks and leaves are used in decoctions for folk medicine. The leaf is used as an emollient ( to soften the skin), the cotyledons from the seeds are used as ointments. 
• The cotonou African star apple is said to be the sweetest.
• African star apple has few calories.

Health benefits of African star apple
• Has a great amount of vitamins ( A, C and E) hence helps boost the immune system.
• Keeps the digestive system healthy.
• Helps to neutralise free radicals.
• Is a good source of calcium which is good for bone health.
• Helps to boost male and female fertility.
• Aids weight loss.
• Helps to prevent mouth-gum disease.
• Alleviates toothache and sore throat.
• Is good for pregnancy as it prevents nausea (vomiting) and helps in improving blood flow to the placenta which carries food from the mother to the baby.
• Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol hence improving heart health.
• Improves skin tone and texture.
• May improve memory and brain function.

Food products from African star apple
African star apple jam
African star apple candy
African star apple juice
African star apple ice cream cake

Note: this fruit can cause serious problems for those with kidney disease.

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