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Nutrition tips for couples-to-be

Started or Considering planning a wedding? Are you even in marriage already? This is for you!

I know how tedious planning and preparing for wedding could be. I’m also aware of all the efforts to look your best on that day. Could there be something in your preparation that you haven’t given much thought? Your nutrition? To my married folks, now that you are married, are you being intentional about your nutrition?

So let’s talk about nutrition for the purpose of marriage.

There are so many benefits of paying attention to your nutrition, particularly in marriage, and one of such is sexual health. I can hear you sighing or even chuckling..I get your reaction  and that’s why I’m here to talk to you about it. Something I want you to always consider is that keeping your sexual activities alive require adequate nutrients…
So.. let’s take a dive into the nutrients and foods that have the potential to boost your sexual health….

*   Invest in eating whole-grain foods (brown rice, quinoa, oats, barley) than simple carbs (white rice, white bread, cornflakes, noodles) – This will help with good cardiovascular health which can support sexual function.

*  Increase your ‘water’ intake. I’m sure it has probably become cliché, but trust me, it is not overrated. One thing you need to know is that your body needs at least 35ml of water for every kilogram you weigh. So, if you’re 60 Kg, you should be drinking at least 2.1 litres of water a day. The impact this has on your sexual health is that water helps to improve blood volume, increase blood flow, clean the body system, lubricate muscles and can affect mood.

*  Invest in probiotics – If you have been following me for while now, you’d know how important probiotics are. Probiotics are good for optimal gut health.
Did you know that the majority of serotonin  (the happiness hormone) in the body is produced in the gut? Yes. It has been reported that low serotonin is associated with lower sex drive. So for increased serotonin, your gut health need to be optimal.
Greek yoghurts, kefir, kimchi and even Iru (fermented condiment) are good sources of probiotics. Probiotics improve your mood, energy and arousal.

*  Dear ladies, please consume as much as you can, foods that are high in folic acid and vitamin C. These include oranges, lemon, leafy green vegetables, beans, pawpaw, and broccoli etc. These nutrients are particularly helpful in keeping your womb and reproductive organs healthy.

* Dear gentlemen, make it priority to consume foods rich in selenium, zinc, vitamin E, and omega-3. You can find them in foods like nuts, beans, shellfish, avocado, green vegetables, seeds, and seafood, etc. They help to keep your reproductive organs healthy.
You can find more about this from

*  Invest in supplements that will help your reproductive system. Supplements are very essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

*  Cultivate healthy habits like exercising and visiting the gym to stretch your muscle and keep your body active.

*  Join a peer group or circle of people that are conscious about their health, eating pattern and exercises. This will keep you accountable and motivated to live a healthy life.

I am passionate about you being in perfect health all round. You should too! This is why I have taken the time to share these with you.

Finally, some other general tips that you may find helpful
*  You can get cookwares and make cooking fun.
*  Shrug peer pressure- Just because you’re out with friends doesn’t mean you have to order what they order.
*  You can cook up a week or more of homemade meals, which you can divide into portions and store in your freezer.
*  You can eat with friends- enjoy your food by inviting friends over for dinner.

Cheers to a beautiful and healthy marriage!

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