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Obesity to slim

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Tips to treat overweight/obesity

• Engage more in physical activities.
• Take a brisk walk one hour daily
• Swim more if you can
• Start doing exercise that you can keep doing and not get weary
• Use tread mill if you can for at most thrice a week not daily.

• Start this treatment process by not skipping meals rather eat smaller portions and drink more water before meals.
• Proceed to intermittent fasting if need be (according to your health’s practitioner advise).
• Chew more in the mouth before swallowing – eat slowly.
• Avoid distractions while eating, concentrate on your food.
• Eat together as family.
• Get a smaller plate and reduce your meal portions
• Reduce intake of high glycemic load meals (starch or high sugar foods) or combine with foods rich in fiber ( protein and vegetables) so as to slow down sugar absorption.
• Eat more of vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber.
• Choose healthier foods such as whole grains, legumes, vegetables, healthy fats
• Replace junkie snacks with healthy snacks
• Limit intake of refined sugar, processed meat,  and fried foods
• Replace carbonated drinks with water
• Eat probiotic foods( probiotic yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, fermented food condiments)
• Drink green teas and take Berberin if need be
• Drink apple cider vinegar- ACV daily (one tablespoon of ACV to one cup of water)

• Do not try to lose fat all at once immediately, Do not lose more than 1kg (2pounds) fat in a week.
• Check your weight once a week to measure progress.
• Limit sitting for a long time
• Avoid alcohol intake
• Reduce stress
• Get more sleep

• Cook more at home
• Avoid fast foods
• Use a weight loss diet plan that is flexible and not boring
• Ensure your diet meets all your nutritional needs and cannot keep you hungry.
• Your weight loss diet should be accompanied by a life-long change of dietary habits and lifestyle

Above all
• Be intentional and consistent
• Pray to God for help
• Get an accountable partner
• Take picture of yourself before starting the process and at every two weeks interval.

When you start the treatment process and you do not see visible and immediate result, don’t be discouraged because you begin to get healthy before losing weight.
However, you would notice these,
• Improved mood
• Reduced cravings and appetite for food.
• Improved energy

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