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Fermented food condiments as cheap probiotics

Cheap Probiotics

Do you know that probiotics can help to prevent some diseases? Over the last few years, probiotics, especially the lactobacillus species were shown to be effective in the therapy of type 2 diabetes (Ejtahed, H. et al., 2011).

Probiotics are live microorganisms which provide health benefits when consumed, generally by improving or restoring the gut flora. These probiotics microorganisms multiply during fermentation of cereals, legumes, dairy and oil bean seeds. The fermentation process results in fermented foods.

Most food condiments are fermented food substances that are normally added in small quantities to enhance food flavour during cooking and/or eating. Condiments originated in different cultures of the world and can be found in semisolid, solid and liquid forms. (Chavasit and Photi 2018).
Examples are: okpei, iru, ugba, ukwa, daddawa, eketeke, ogiri- ugwu, ogiri-egusi, ogiri-isi etc.

Benefits of Nigerian food condiments:
* They are high in antioxidants.
* They are rich in protein and B-vitamins.
* They contain probiotic microbes which keeps the gastrointestinal system healthy.
* Treats hypertension.
* Good for eyesight.
* Helps control cholesterol.

Other food substances that contain probiotics are unpasteurized yoghurt, fermented pap(ogi).

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