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Healthy Nutrition Tips for year 2023

Healthy nutrition tips to get you started on the right foot for your New Year’s resolutions!

• Make a plan – set goals for yourself and work towards them. Keep a food journal to track your eating pattern

• Start with small changes and build on it.

• Eat more whole foods – vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes and egg and fish.

• Choose a sustainable nutrition diet and plan – stop dieting and create a sustainable, nourishing eating pattern that works for you.  Choose a nutrition plan that not only meets your goals but blends well with your lifestyle.

• Eat breakfast

• Limit added sugars – switch from carbonated drinks to water, reduce intake of food products containing sugar.

• Watch your portions – Make sure you’re not eating too much, but also not too little either.

• Replace solely carbohydrate diet with balanced diet.

• Cut back on Sodium

• Increase dietary fiber intake

• Cook more meals at home and rely less on convenience foods.

• Drink more water – Water is essential for good health, so make sure to drink more than you normally would throughout the day.

• Increase vitamin D and potassium intake – Expose yourself to sunlight at least 15-20mins daily if you spend most time indoors.

• Incorporate movement to your daily routine – Sit less and move more. If you have a desk job that requires long periods of sitting, make a resolution to go for a 15-minute walk at lunch or to get up and walk for 5 minutes every hour.

•  Prioritize sleep – Remember, lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep can lead to serious health problems. Decreasing screen time before bed, reducing light pollution in your bedroom, cutting back on caffeine, and getting to bed at a reasonable hour are some simple ways to improve sleep hygiene

• Reduce stress: Remember, stress is a major contributing factor to almost all health problems.

• Take more self-care time – preparing a healthy meal for yourself, going for a walk in nature, or getting an extra hour of sleep.

• Use healthier household products – Use more of stainless steel pots

• Take a break or vacation – Vacation with friends or family members, or on your own. Taking some time for rest and relaxation is important for health.

• Be happy

•  Walk more often in the mornings

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