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Roasted Corn or Boiled Corn- which is healthier?

Corn commonly known as maize (Zea mays) is a staple food in so many countries around the world and it is a source of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Facts about Corn
• Corn is native to Mexico
• Corn can be called a grain, a fruit or a starchy vegetable
• Corn comes in different colours and varieties
• Corn has even numbers of row on each cob
• Corn can  be processed into different food forms.
• Corn is not a high glycemic food
• Corn was introduced to Africa by the Portuguese
• South Africa is the largest producer of corn in Africa.
• United States is the largest producer of corn in the world.
• Corn is gluten-free
• Fresh corn is not acidic but it becomes acidic after it had undergone heat processing, either by roasting or boiling or grilling etc.

Which is better, roasted or boiled corn?

They are both good and healthy. Although roasted corn is more flavorful and said to have its nutrients intact as opposed to boiled corn which may have  some of its nutrients especially water-soluble nutrients leeched out into the broth.

Health benefits of Corn

• Contains zeathenin and lutein which helps to promote the eye and digestive health.
• Corn is rich in vitamin C which helps to build the immunity of the body.
• Corn is rich in potassium which helps to regulate blood flow and strong heartbeat.
• Corn is high in dietary fiber which is good for overall digestive health.
• Colourful corn like the purple corn has some amount of quercetin, an antioxidant that helps to treat prostatitis in men and protect against Alzheimer’s disease.
• Corn is rich in vitamin B6 which is good for preventing anemia and improving brain health.
• Corn also contains minerals such as Phosphorus and  Magnessium.

It is much more healthy to eat corn as wholegrain than in it’s processed form.

Wholegrain sources of corn include:
• Tortillas made with whole cornmeal
• Popcorn
• Whole cornmeal
• Whole grits
• Whole kernels (e.g., fresh, frozen, or canned)
• Boiled or roasted corn cob

Processed forms of Corn
These include
• Tortillas,
• Tortilla chips,
• Polenta,
• Cornmeal,
• Corn flour,
• Corn syrup,
• Corn cereals
• Corn starch
• Corn oil.

Precautions to take to eat corn
• It is advisable to steam fresh corn than boil it so as not to loose the water-soluble vitamins in the corn, however, in the case of cooking beans-corn porridge, it is okay to boil since the broth will still be used to cook the beans.
• People suffering from diabetes are advised not to consume much of corn.
• It is advised to eat corn moderately.
• In situations where you want to combine corn with other items for snack,  it is advised to combine corn with healthy food items.

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  1. We only have the yellow more common in this part of the world, I haven’t come across the purple especially.

    Can we get it anywhere in Lagos, Nigeria? I’ll love to try it.

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