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Are you a popcorn fan?

Guess What?

Popcorn is absolutely good for you, especially the ones without added sugar, salt and other additives.

Popcorn is a low-calorie snack rich in dietary fibre and helps to boast vitamins and minerals.

Popcorn is made from whole grain corn.

Facts about Popcorn
• Popcorn is a healthy GMO-free and gluten-free snack.
• Popcorn was temporarily banned from movie theaters in 1949 for being too loud of a snack.
• A tub of movie theater popcorn can contain up to 1,090 calories and 2,650 milligrams of sodium.
• The unpropped popcorn kernels at the bottom of a popcorn bag are called old maids.
• In the 1800’s, popcorn was often eaten as a cereal with milk and sugar.
• When popcorn pops in a round shape it is called mushroom popcorn and popcorn which pops in unpredictable shapes is called butterfly popcorn.
• More facts-

Benefits of Popcorn
• Boosts digestion
• Reduces constipation and abdominal discomfort
• Aids weight management,
• May reduce risk of diabetes
• May reduce the risk of heart diseases.
• Improves skin and gut health.
• May promote skin health.

• It is advised to eat air-popped, organic popcorn as this is considered the healthiest option to eat among all types of popcorn.
• The American Academy of Pediatrics and Food Standard Agency, UK advise not to give babies and young children (especially those under five) popcorn.
• It is advised to eat popcorn in moderation.
• It is advised to eat homemade popcorn than cinema popcorn because movie theater popcorn has significant calories and is very high in salt.
• It is advised to stay away from microwave- popped popcorn.
• It is advised to stay away from popcorn if you have corn allergies.

How to make air-popped healthy popcorn. ,

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