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Chicken viscerals- Affordable Protein-Rich Food Source for Low Income Families in Africa

As a child, I had a fondness for chicken heads and legs. My mother always made sure to set aside the head for me, which I cherished. However, as I grew older, I realized that other family members were given the meatier parts while I was left with the head. Feeling slighted, I stopped collecting the head altogether, expressing my disinterest to my mother and the rest of the family, except on occasions when I wanted it as an extra.

This childhood memory came rushing back to me during a recent pitch competition held on 14th March 2024, organized by Fate Foundation in collaboration with GAIN and the World Food Programme. The competition aimed to showcase innovative nutritional food products tailored for low-income earners.

Out of ten food business owners who pitched their ideas, guess which one emerged victorious? It was the business that proposed packaging chicken viscera, adding value to it so that low-income earners could access nutritionally rich food at an affordable price. What an ingenious idea!

I had a hunch that this product would garner attention, but I was thrilled beyond measure when it clinched the grand prize of 5 million naira. It was during the presenter’s pitch that I learned about the high protein, calcium, and gelatin content found in chicken viscera, heads, and legs.

The prevalence of malnutrition, particularly among low-income earners in various parts of Africa, is often linked to a lack of protein. This story underscores the notion that maintaining good health doesn’t have to come at a high cost.

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