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Does Dark Chocolate cure cold?

Yes, Dark chocolate helps to prevent and cure cold. It is a cough calmer and throat soother.

Dark chocolate is a type of chocolate containing cocoa solids and cocoa butter without milk, butter, and less sugar. It is an excellent source of antioxidants and minerals.

Cocoa contains a substance called theobromine that can help the body fight off the symptoms of the common cold.
A Research found that this substance blocked the action of sensory nerves in those with cold. Blocking the sensory nerves will stop the cough reflex in a common cold.
Researchers also found this theobromine to be more effective than codeine when treating chronic cough.

Nutritional value of  dark chocolate (70-85% cocoa solids)

Recommended daily intake suggestion
Generally, it is advisable to eat between 20–30 g of dark chocolate per day because
dark chocolate is high in fat and calories. Dark chocolate with higher percentages of cacao solids typically contains less sugar but more fat. More cacao also means more flavanols, so it is best to choose dark chocolate that includes at least 70 percent cacao solids or more.

Other benefits of Dark chocolate include:
* Reduces free radicals and may prevent cancer
* Improves blood flow
* Lowers blood pressure
* Lowers “bad cholesterol”
* Reduces inflammation
* Reduces insulin resistance
* Improves the brain’s ability and helps prevent memory loss
* Aids digestion
* Improves the mood.
* Lowers risk of heart disease
* Helps the skin look young and healthy

Serving suggestions of dark chocolate
* Blend to a smoothie
* Add to cereals
* Fold it into a nut butter
* Eat it straight
* Eat with fruits

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